Who We Are: Another Group at Another Place

If you have read the book Searching for the Sacred: On Kitten Creek,  you may remember that before we were called “Wellspring”  we called ourselves “The Group at the Place With a Plan.” Many published books have come out of that original group, even though writing was not our specific focus at the time. In recent days a new aspect of Wellspring has sprung up. Two members of the original group (Kay Bascom and Nancy Swihart) have gathered some friends together with a specific interest in encouraging each others’ gifts of writing.  Our varied gifts, voices, and ages, have given us an opportunity to not only encourage each other, but also to lean from one another.

We no longer meet at the old farmhouse, but we are still on the original farmland, meeting at the the new Swihart home or at the Bascom cabin.

In this blog, we will be sharing some of the writing that is taking place in this new group at the new place.