Alien Views

by Kay Bascom

Recently I watched the graduation of earnest students getting their Masters in Global Affairs focused on various disciplines. They had worked hard for this milestone degree. They came to this day with high hopes and well-learned skills. Their professors tell them that becoming leaders in Global Affairs is strategic to today’s needs and it’s where the world’s future is heading.

I am having a sense of double vision, being also aware of growing enthusiasm for a “new world order.” Imagine the fallout that the coming digitalization of money will bring. How will the World Economic Forum use this tool? He who holds the purse holds the power. China already uses embedded microchips to trace habits and assign each person their social credit score.

Knowing that global government is the cherished goal of a powerful group of today’s elites, I ponder what price the younger generation will have to pay for what the older generation is telling them is the only solution to our worldwide problems. Since wars, climate change, poverty, pandemics, injustice, inequities, and more are suffered worldwide, then it is natural to say that only a worldwide cure could match these needs.

On the other hand, those who go deep into the world’s history find humanity eons ago proposing to unite and handle living without God’s help at the tower of Babel. Why did God decide to scatter them into language groups?

No one knows human nature better than the Creator who made us. We are all rebels at heart. We all long for significance, love, and for belonging. Psalm 68 tells us that “God sets the lonely in families.” He gave us leadership patterns: fathers shepherd families, families belong to communities, communities to nations, and nations to the world. God loves variety. Small is beautiful to the One who made it all. He makes no two snowflakes alike, let alone people!

Must we bow to what a powerful group of leaders wants to do with a global initiative? Do we really want everyone on the planet to live alike, eat alike, think alike, obey alike, and die alike? Has humanity ever produced a leader who was all-wise, benevolent, and also incorruptible? Could any such one-world leader be found short of the Lord Himself? Only He knows all the answers. Only He loves all humanity equally. Only He is capable of changing us from the inside out so that we inwardly desire to join Him in blessing all the people of the world.

Alien Clues:
Each of today’s graduates is heading for a life-changing fork in the road. Their motivation may be altruistic and their creativity promising. Will they be drawn into the net of those who presume to have the only answer to apocalyptic conditions and the brutal drive to require conformity worldwide? How will this burgeoning movement enforce obedience on various people, families, cultures, and nations of the world? Whose goals will these students serve? Who will they believe? For whom will they give their lives? Who gave His life for them? 520 kb