Grow Small

by Teri Gasser

Perched on a log stretched across a tributary creek, I gaze out at the ocean. I watch as waves crash against the shore. But I cannot hear them. The rattling of rocks in the creek below me drowns out the mighty waves. I look down.

Glints of gold glitter as the freshwater flows through smooth black stones. The stones clatter. Another clatter drove me to this place—the collision of interpersonal conflict. I fled to find peace, God’s peace.

Wisdom for resolution. I pray, eyes wide open, feasting upon the wonderous scene my Abba constructed. I read my Bible. I listen for His still, small voice. The sparkle of sand flowing with the water mesmerizes me.
“It’s beautiful, Abba, how you make the sand glint like gold. Thank You for bringing me here to be with You.”
The rocks collide and clack—they, too, conflict. But the sand flows with the water. It gently brushes the stones it flows by smoothing their surfaces. God reminds me how this resembles the fellowship of the saints.
Those with large egos rattle against one another. Yet, our Maestro directs the noise as His Holy Spirit runs like water in our midst. We knock unpleasant sharpness off each other. The conflicts refine us. He uses these to help us grow small, to think less often of ourselves.

We gather not to wear each other out but to wear each other down—smooth one another off. The longer we stay in the water, the smaller we get until, like the sand, we flow with the water. Our touch becomes gentle. The sand smoothes and soothes the bumpy surfaces left from the friction of more oversized egos.

“Lord, make me small. Help me flow with you and shine your light into dark, hard places.” The world needs less of me—more of Him. The world needs us flowing together, smoothing rough places as we rush into the sea known as eternity.

I confess my part, my pride. I feel the brush of the Dove as His peace descends on my soul. Greater than the voice of many waters, or the mighty waves of the sea, I heard Abba’s silent whisper in my heart, “Grow small, My child, grow small.”

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