Awsome Gifts of Being Created “Human”

by Kay Bascom

Another clue to the essence of being human is our overlooked gift of communication. The human experience is built on the multiplication of co-created beings who live together in community, in families, and in twosomes. We consider solitary confinement to be an extreme form of torture.

It’s curious that God also created beings who don’t seem to share our “memory clues” or “communication clues” to infinity. I ponder, how do we humans differ from animals? Except for a bark or a meow, our pets can’t quite tell us what they are thinking beyond momentary hints, like our dogs’ attentive faces or the wags of their tails.

But humans? Our Creator has equipped us to turn ourselves inside out! We transfer invisible thinking and inward feelings to each other. We can do this so many ways – by a whisper, a motion, a code, a letter, a book, a computer, or on a phone. We can send intangible thoughts on tangible paper to someone at hand, across an ocean, or to the moon. We enter other human lives by records discovered on walls of caves, deciphered from hieroglyphics, inscribed on scrolls, in books, or in cherished letters written by people long gone into eternity.

Awesome! Dear Lord, do you want humanity to respond to You, know You? Is this why you gave memory and communication to us? Your Book of Remembrance tells us that you created man and woman “in the image of God.” The Incarnation of Jesus made You tangible, and your Scriptures give us your intangible self-revelation.

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