Hallowed be Thy Name

by Teri Gasser

A Prayer of Adoration

Soaring eagles hail, “El Elyon” (God Most High)
Gentle rains whisper, “Shalom!” (God’s Peace)
Lost sheep bleat, “Jehovah-Rohi.” (The Lord my Shepherd)

Full barns testify, “Adonai- Yirah!” (The Lord Who Provides)
Humble saints claim “Adonai-Tsidkenu!” (The Lord Our Righteousness)
Broken souls plead, “Adonai- Rapha!” (The Lord Who Heals)
We, Your children, confess, Adonai, our Abba, Your ways are higher than ours, You thoughts, more excellent than ours, we hallow the Fullness of Your name. Amen

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